Algemeen Platform Humaniora Amsterdam (ALPHA) is the faculty association for the study associations and magazines of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam.

ALPHA was founded at the same time as the Faculty of Humanities in 1999. There was a need for an umbrella body that could help the study associations and magazines at the still young faculty. ALPHA still fulfills this role: a platform for all study associations and journals of the faculty.

ALPHA stimulates mutual cooperation between its members, suggests initiatives for associations and magazines, supports its members with a financial contribution and organizes annual events for the students of the Faculty of Humanities. Besides contacting its members among themselves, ALPHA acts as the liaison between the study associations and magazines on the one hand and the other bodies of the University of Amsterdam on the other. Annually, ALPHA has several General Council Meetings (ARVs) and Magazine Meetings that focus on grant distributions.